Oven Cleaning in Birmingham and West Midlands
The Process

The Oven Cleaning Process

We start by giving an appraisal of your appliance, explain what we can and cannot do and point out any potential problems.  We protect your floor carefully and thoroughly with a special tarpaulin sheet.

Any detachable parts, such as racks and shelving, are removed and taken outside to be cleaned at our van using a specially developed soak tank.  Wherever possible, we also remove the door(s) and if we are able, split them, to clean inside all the glass surfaces.

All interior enamel surfaces are given a thorough, deep clean, before being given a final degreasing treatment.  All detachable parts are then replaced, as are the doors.

Finally, we clean and polish the fascia and control knobs, restoring your oven to a near showroom condition.